President Obama has been sliding in his political prowess. The former Illinois senator used to be highly involved in every little detail that could have an impact on the way his presidency was viewed. Instead, he now is choosing to spend time doing things that he wants and enjoys rather than actually be a strong leader.

The finest example of Obama's lack of diligence came this past week with the news of the terrible attacks in Brussels, Belgium.

When he received news of the terrorist attack, Obama was sitting in a baseball game in Cuba, attempting to curry favor with that country's Communist regime and make a statement to the liberal media that he can actual have some victories when it comes to foreign policy.

But his attempt at being a normal baseball fan backfired when Tom Brokaw, a legendary news broadcaster, blasted him for not doing anything about the Brussels attack.

Brokaw appeared on MSNBC and didn't hesitate to demolish Obama's presidential demeanor.

"This is the time to be the leader," said Brokaw in a stinging but laconic attack against the president. "So much of politics and national security is a combination of symbolism and reality . . . But at the same time, the symbolism is that the president stayed at the baseball game all day long."

Brokaw's chiding for Obama is a disturbing sign, no matter which side of the political spectrum you enjoy. The fact that liberal media members, people who praised Obama as America's shining star, are now seeing him for what he is shows how far he's fallen. If it were just a little thing no one would bat an eye.

However, not responding to a terrorist attack and remaining at a baseball game isn't a little thing. That's a big mistake.

Obama. Your time is finished. Stop trying to act like a cool president and make America look okay so that our next president can make us look great.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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