It wouldn’t be the first time the Congresswoman from San Francisco has made a statement that leaves people wondering what on earth she is thinking.

Nancy Pelosi has served her constituency well since 2003, putting forth their extreme liberal – some would say even “loony” – views in Congress, often at the cost to her reputation.

Pelosi will forever be remembered as the Speaker of the House of Representatives who said of President Obama’s 2,000-page overhaul of the healthcare system, We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it,” but she may have outdone herself with her latest pronouncement.

Not surprisingly, Pelosi began by noting, “I’m the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee,” before going on to call concerns about fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of government documents, “a distraction.”

It is understandable that all Democrats are increasingly worried about the impact of revelations about Clinton’s use of an unauthorized, secret email server to conduct the nation’s diplomatic business when she was President Obama’s first Secretary of State – as her polling numbers fade with only 60 days left to Election Day.

Pelosi’s assertion is that Republicans and Independents who question Clinton’s judgment, ethics, trustworthiness and honesty are merely trying to distract attention from the more serious issue of… the Zika virus.

The virus is serious and its casualties – babies born with severe brain malformation – are tragic, but with three-quarters of the voters saying that the country is “on the wrong track” and large percentages of polled respondents saying that Clinton is untrustworthy, with almost 100 million Americans out of work and another 50 million on food stamps, a national debt of $19 trillion … the decision America makes on November 8 looms as one of the most important in modern times.

But apparently, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi sees all that as… distraction.


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