One leftist journalist for one of the mainstream news sources, and is part of the 'peaceful' Hillary supporting masses. Well, it would appear that she is really not so peaceful after all. She went straight to Twitter and demanded Trump's "presidential assassination." It didn't take long for news of this to spread amongst Trump fans and as soon as it did this leftist reporter found herself in a world of pain.

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Monisha Rajesh had a cushy job as a freelance journalist at The Telegraph and the Guardian, two of the most prominent news outlets in the UK. She authored the book Around India in 80 Trains and spent four months traveling across Asia. The young woman was undeniably living out a writer’s dream until she decided to do something so stupid that even her liberal media friends won’t touch her with a 10-foot pole.

Rajesh, an anti-Trump, pro-Hillary propagandist, unleashed a series of rants on Twitter against the president-elect, before finally threatening his life. The Gateway Pundit reports that Rajesh responded to a heated discussion on her private account by tweeting “it’s about time for a presidential assassination,” referring to the desire for someone to murder President-elect Trump. Unfortunately for her, she must’ve forgotten that anything said can and will be held against her, especially if someone takes a screenshot of her threat against the President of the United States.


Realizing her mistake, Rajesh deleted both her Twitter and Facebook accounts, hoping the evidence of her serious offense was wiped cleaner than Hillary’s private server. Unfortunately for her, she must’ve forgotten that anything said can and will be held against her, especially if someone archives her private account that includes her threat against the President of the United States.

As expected, Rajesh’s tweet quickly spread on social media and was reported multiple times to federal law enforcement officials. Breitbart reports that Rajesh has been fired and the liberal outlets are refusing to run to her defense.

Not only has she lost her job and likely ruined her promising career and credibility but one user also claims that he contacted the FBI about her threat and was later told that she has been arrested, although this is unconfirmed.

The Telegraph explained that Rajesh is no longer commissioned by their outlet and the Guardian quickly distanced themselves from the liberal journalist that infrequently penned articles for them.

The official comment from the Telegraph Media Group was, “Monisha Rajesh is not an employee of Telegraph Media Group and will not be commissioned on a freelance basis.”

Speaking to The Guardian, a spokesperson told Breitbart News, “Monisha Rajesh is an infrequent freelance contributor, not a staff writer, and the Guardian cannot take responsibility for comments expressed by her in a personal capacity.”

Another Twitter user pointed out the hypocrisy, reminding that Vikram Buddhi, an Indian migrant who published a series of threats against President George W. Bush, was arrested and sentenced to 57 months in prison. Buddhi now faces deportation since it was revealed that he doesn’t have a valid visa.

However, Rajesh isn’t the only one showcasing her blind hatred and intolerance. Liberals all over America are calling for the assassination of both Donald Trump and Mike Pence. In fact, the party of acceptance and open-mindedness that claimed to be terrified of what conservatives will do if Trump was elected are beating up his supporters, destroying property, and violently rioting across the U.S.

Rajesh will most likely be excused by Barack Obama and find herself invited to the White House. After all, Obama certainly enjoys the presence of law-breaking bigots.

Too bad for the rest of us, we can expect to see many, many more of these absurd ramblings and muddying all of social media with their nonsensical complaints and threats.

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Source: Mad World News

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