The Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has proven time and time again how she will say one thing and then go back and do the complete opposite. She has shown her true colors of and demonstrated just how condescending she can be.

The Queen of Corruption herself recently showed just how morally corrupt she is. This interaction with a black man explains why they don't let her mix with the people that are supposed to be her constituents.

The video depicts Hillary Clinton trying to have a conversation with an anonymous black man about unnecessary violence in the black communities.

The man in the video said that it is white violence that is and will continue to be the problem in America.

Without letting the man speak Hillary jumped in and rudely interrupted the man saying, "If that is your position, then I will only talk to white people."

Then she proceeded to close in on the man and wave her hands in his face.

The man stayed composed and attempted to respond to Hillary by saying that what Hillary said was not at all what he meant. He told Hillary that what she just told him was a huge part of the issue that blacks have to deal with.

The man explained that the thing that this country needs is to change hearts. That's when Hillary let the world know how she really feels.

Clinton then told the man she doesn't believe in changing hearts. She only believes in changing laws and the allocation of resources.

This is what all of the liberals love to do, change and bend the laws that our country was built on, but only if it works in their favor.

Hillary tries to make the world believe that she is a woman for the people but in all actuality she doesn't care about the American people and she obviously doesn't care about changing their hearts.

All she really cares about is herself and climbing the political ladder stepping on everyone below her on the way up.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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