Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s deliberate actions in selling her office when she was President Obama’s first Secretary of State and her set-up of a secret email server to hide the money-making scheme has gone viral on social media – in China.

The highly censored Internet of the communist county is buzzing with anti-American sentiment, as Chinese users seize on the news of the FBI’s investigation of Clinton to slam the USA and do a little flag waving for China.

Given the lack of general understanding in that country of the American system of government – or democracy in general, it’s no surprise that errors in translation and interpretation have led to surprising allegations.

Articles are now accusing Clinton of being a “teammate” of the Muslim terror group, ISIS, possibly based on the assertions made during the presidential campaign that her actions – and inactions – while secretary of state created the vacuum in the region that led to the emergence of the terror group.

One article bore the headline, “Is Hillary actually the culprit behind ISIS?”

While it’s impossible to estimate the number of Chinese who are sharing the messages and rumors on their Internet, some say millions may be enjoying the opportunity to attack America with messages like, “Go f*** yourself, American dream.”

The uptick in Internet articles seems to be tied to both the announcement on October 28 by FBI Director James Comey that the investigation into Clinton’s unauthorized email set-up was being reopened, and near-daily document dumps by Wikileaks.

Now, with the late breaking news on Wednesday night that a second, parallel investigation into the Clinton family foundation may lead to criminal charges, the buzz on the Chinese Internet is sure to increase.

The activity is especially noteworthy given that China bans spreading rumors or even what are termed “speculative” news stories.

For some, however, seeing a person of Clinton’s long-time visibility on the world stage and current presidential candidate caught up in investigations and allegations of wrongdoing, is just too good to pass up.

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