While our Commander-in-Chief was taking the stage in his on-man-show SOTU production, two of our U.S. Navy ships had been taken hostage by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG).

According the following statements made by General Ali Fadavi (IRG);

“US naval force and their frigate showed an unprofessional behavior and had air and naval moves for 40 minutes in the area. Certainly US presence in Persian Gulf and their passage has never been innocent and we do not deem their passage as innocent.”

Doesn’t sound like the circulating tale of a “rescue” mission to protect our soldiers from dangerous waters at night, courtesy of our new BFFs, the Iranians, now does it? Who rescues people, makes them kneel, hands behind their heads in a prepare-to-have-your-brains-blown-out pose?

The IRG wasted no time in wrapping the female soldier in a hajib/hijab (whatever) it would seem. Again not a rescue.

Notice her position in the corner of the room, flanked on both sides by the men. Clearly our gal was in good hands with all those heroes at her side.

The media all seem to be running with the soldiers looking at ease. How about reserved caution?

Nearly every photo has the men, and the woman, looking at something or someone and they are definitely paying attention to their surroundings—up, down, and sideways.


Whether through half-lidded eyes, a furrowed brow, or feigned relaxation, cross-arms, hands in lap, our soldiers look ready to respond to any given situation.

The IRGs intent was to embarrass us, treat the woman like chattel, indenture her to Sharia Law long enough to mock Obama.

Our soldiers were released the next day, but trust it was not out of benevolence. It was out of fear.

Source: Mad World News


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