It’s hard to imagine that just last week on September 6th most of us were celebrating the official end of summer, with perhaps a backyard barbecue with family and friends, or perhaps one more long weekend at the shore, and perhaps even harder to imagine that within a few short days from celebrating Labor Day, America will once again come together, only this time to mourn the loss of over 3,000 innocent individuals murdered for simply living out the “American Dream.”

The bells will once again toll within the steel and glass canyons of lower Manhattan, and the names of those lost on that infamous day will be read once again “aloud” and it’s within this context that we must never allow our leaders to forget that appeasing tyrants, despots and dictators, for political expediency, only encourages a repeat of that awful day, if we’re not vigilant and serious about protecting the homeland.

There’s little doubt that the way this president has dealt with the issue of national security, he views the carnage of 9/11 as an anomaly, and perhaps even more alarming is the just leaked Pentagon Memo, that validates Obama’s ambivalence to actually protect the homeland, in which the Pentagon has actually crafted a 5-page blueprint to play “hardball” against Speaker Ryan’s defense spending proposal, in short politicizing our national security interests

As proof of Obama’s willful ambivalence all one needs to do is review the record, under the leadership of this president we’ve witnessed a slow and continued decline in protecting the homeland, and we’ve witnessed over 40 separate acts of terrorism committed within the homeland, leaving hundreds dead or wounded within its wake.

However perhaps the most disturbing of all is witnessing our institutions like the Pentagon, the Justice Department, the IRS and the FBI, become nothing more than political tools of this administration.

The just leaked memo obtained by POLITICO seeks to pit the House and the Senate against one another, targeting the “discomfort” of one key Republican lawmaker against the House Armed Services Committee.

The memo prepared for Defense Secretary Ash Carter and Deputy Secretary Bob Work, reads like a political manifesto, perhaps more suited for a political campaign then an intelligence assessment.

At the heart of the issue is Obama’s strong objection in providing increased domestic funds to protect the homeland, the May 13th memo authored by Pentagon Comptroller Mike McCord and legislative affairs chief Stephen Hedger, both former congressional aides reads in par; “We should attack” Ryan’s plan “and be prepared to play hardball opposing it, which calls for applying both “public and private pressure” on lawmakers to ensure the House Republican proposal doesn’t become law. That includes appealing to “media commentators” to help make the department’s case and possibly having Carter lobby congressional Democrats at one of their caucus meetings – a step that it acknowledges “risks the appearance of partisanship.”

The memo also targets Republican House Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry, describing him as “still smarting” from last year’s veto of the defense policy bill, which drew a response from the lawmaker saying; "It is unfortunate and rather sad that some in the Obama administration spend so much time and effort playing political games, as evidenced by this memo, in a department charged with the security of our nation, the American people and our troops deserve better."

Which prompted Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook to respond; “strong opposition to the House proposal should not be a surprise.”

An aide to Chairman Thornberry perhaps said it best when asked to respond: “This isn’t a game of poker – this is national security, they see the chairman’s legitimate oversight concerns and policy concerns that he is trying to address in the bill as nothing more than a talking point.”

Source: Allen B West

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