You’ve probably heard the term nuclear bomb and associated it with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, or even that wack-job who runs North Korea who is always threatening to melt someone. You probably recently heard and learned of gravity bombs, a type of nuclear device, and one that that United States recently tested out in the hinterlands of Nevada.

Then there’s dirty bombs, suitcase nukes, chemical warheads, etc. However, have you ever heard of a “salted bomb?” If not, here goes trying to explain it and why it is important.

It might be best to start off by saying that we may be witnessing the beginning of Vladimir Putin (Russia), losing his patience with ISIS, the Middle East in general, the European Union, and while it is a scary thought, perhaps even us.

Recently, a supposedly “leaked” document indicates that Russia is exploring the concept of ramping up its nuclear arsenal with the inclusion of salted bombs.

A salted bomb is the old Hiroshima-like stand-by of massive nuclear devastation; mushroom cloud, fallout, white-ash-winter, vaporized epicenter, radioactive illness and death, genetic mutation after effects… you get the idea.

The salted bomb is Putin’s pipe dream at the moment. Or, at least that is the impression we are being given. But, who really knows what the man is up to or capable of?

If our intel can’t tell us about WMDs correctly, and never has/had knowledge of specific terrorist threats, then can we really trust them when they tell us not to be alarmed by this latest and greatest nuclear warhead idea of Vlad’s? We would be fools to think so.

The salted bomb is an underwater torpedo that carries an armed nuclear warhead, capable of crossing a 6,000 mile distance at 60 mph, and at depths of 3,000 feet.

Can you say, “Didn’t see that one coming?” That is not rhetorical or meant to be humorous, but deadly serious food for thought. Would we even see something like that coming?


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