Surprise, surprise. One of the anti-Trump haters who partook in illegally blocks road in Fountain Hills, Arizona, turns out to be a special interest, on par with radical La Raza, pro-illegal immigrant thug.

Ms. Jacinta Gonzales, chained herself, by the throat, to as part of her exercising her “free speech” in protest to Donald Trump’s stance on illegal immigration.

Let’s not forget the fact that she and her fellow morons block traffic, ergo they blocked emergency services throughout the area for two hours.  Ms. Gonzalez is not even from Arizona.

She is a traveling thug, and this time her journey took her from New Orleans, Louisiana to the roads of Arizona, as part of a Dump Trump Dump Arpaio protest. She was arrested and has been charged with blocking public roads.

It is reported that Jacinta Gonzalez is the Lead Organizer for the Congress of Day Laborers. She is also as Soros Justice Fellow. Further proof that the perfectly timed violent riots at Trump rallies are the work of pimp-daddy George Soros and his street thugs, like Ms. Gonzalez.

Who knows if this woman is even an American? The Gateway Pundit uncovered her role above, and reports that she is a Central Mexico Native.

“I was really intrigued with what was happening with workers who came to New Orleans—how they were being integrated into the community,” she is reported to have said. She claims that she “was drawn to come as someone who speaks both English and Spanish and who has lived on both side of the border.”

If she cares so much, why doesn’t she stay in Central Mexico and fight for the people there?!

She is a grassroots community organizing thug. She spawned from the same sewer that our president did. She is the epitome of hatred. She obviously hates her own fellow Mexican citizens so much, she is willing to leave them behind and come to America where she can make a lot of money off the sweat of day laborers backs and browns and do nothing more than wear designer jeans and chain her head to a car.

Too bad she can’t also be charged for being a moron.

Source: Mad World News


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