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Of all the sad stories in the news recently, one of the saddest has been the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. If the news would stop pointing fingers for long enough to realize what a devastating loss this is to the future of Flint and its surrounding areas, they might realize that more good can be done working together than trying to assign blame.

Unfortunately, it appears that the politics of the situation have become so tightly enmeshed that it may be impossible to simply work at solving the problem.

One of the recent snags has come to light just recently and it involves the office of the Mayor of Flint and improper use of donated funds.

Flint's Mayor, Karen Weaver, is being accused of directing donated funds to be siphoned off quietly into a private PAC fund under the name "Karenabout Flint." The person who filed the lawsuit against Weaver and the office of the mayor, Natasha Henderson, isn't the typical person who brings one of these suits.

Henderson has been a valued and loyal staff member of Weaver for years. It was just recently, however, that she became concerned when Weaver directed a coworker to start sending proffered donations into a different fund.

Before, when people would phone the mayor's office asking to donate funds, they were directed to give to a local nonprofit set up for the disaster relief--Safe Water/Safe Homes.

But Henderson claims in her suit that Weaver was starting to pool up money in an election campaign named for her popular campaign slogan Karen About Flint.

If true, these allegations are simply the next step in the corruption and attention-grabbing that have surrounded this situation. Weaver has been a guest of the White House and is obviously a favorite face when it comes to the situation.

Unfortunately it appears that the leadership is flawed in this case. Only it's not the governor of Michigan who is to blame, it's Flint's mayor herself.

h/t: CNN



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