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Obama isn't known for his strategic maneuvering when it comes to hostages. That's why a bi-partisan group of lawmakers is working hard to throw a lifeline to an American who has been jailed in Iran since 2011.

Amir Hekmati is an ex-Marine sergeant who was visiting Iran in late 2011 when he was captured by Iranian forces and declared to be spying for the CIA. He was sentenced to death in 2012, but has since remained in captivity while his case navigates the complicated Iranian courts.

Meanwhile, here at home, a group of Republican and Democratic Congressmen have banded together to try to get Hekmati freed. The group is led by Democrat Dan Kildee from Michigan, and is testifying before a House Foreign Affairs committee to try to convince other lawmakers that Hekmati's position is serious enough to include in ongoing deals with Iran.

President Obama currently doesn't have any sort of a prisoner swap deal attached to his ongoing Iranian nuclear deal, but it wouldn't be very hard to add on the few names of American prisoners that Iran is holding.

Rep. Kildee recognizes what the Obama administration seems unable to fathom--that a nuclear deal with Iran is the perfect time to also organize a prisoner deal with Iran while the U.S. has leverage over them. This is a lesson at which Obama failed miserably last year in the infamous Bowe Bergdahl swap, when the president swapped key terrorist leaders for a crazed deserter.

With the Bergdahl precedent, however, Obama showed that he is willing to work hard to bring home Americans who have been captured. That, at least, is something laudable.

However, unless the president comes forth with a prisoner amendment to the Iranian deal soon, it might be too late. Come on, Mr. President. Let's bring home our troops and get them free from Iran's icy grasp.

h/t: Conservative Tribune


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