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With less than a month to go before America decides who will lead this nation, through a minefield of national security issues, this latest revelation by WikiLeaks, would normally dispel any question, “once and for all” that Hillary Clinton isn’t fit to occupy the Oval Office, however this isn’t a “normal election” and the possibility that this woman may actually become president (after these revelations), should send shock waves all across the “fruited plains” to those critical thinking Americans, to get out and vote.

This latest WikiLeaks dump of Hillary’s speeches to her donors exemplifies the cavalier and reckless way this woman deals with sensitive classified information, which not only risks “sources and methods of classified information” but also demonstrates as one CIA analyst acknowledged “no respect for classified information.”

Fox’s Chief Intelligence Correspondent Catherine Herridge outlined briefly what the WikiLeaks documents contain, and the revelations are stunning, in that Hillary Clinton publicly detailed “classified information” regarding the raid on Osama bin Laden, to a group of Canadian bankers and businessman in 2013, in Toronto.

Clinton details the raid saying: “I was in the small group that recommended to the president that he go after bin Laden, the amount of work that was required to get a strong-enough basis of information on which to plan took more than a decade, and then all of a sudden putting this matrix together and saying, ‘This guy used to protect bin Laden — he has just made a phone call. He said this in the phone call. We need to figure out where he is. Then we need to follow him.’

She continues; “And that is how we found this compound in Abbottabad [Pakistan]” — where a team of Navy SEALs took out bin Laden in May 2011.


Do you think Hillary has once again violated laws pertaining to top-secret information? More importantly do you think anyone will hold her accountable?

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