Hillary Clinton's emails are again in the national spotlight. To be honest, it's becoming a little tiresome seeing how often corruption pops up in the vast cache of emails that the FBI uncovered after Clinton's unceremonious delete party.

Most recently the corruption is taking the form of political bribes, in essence. Clinton Foundation donors who used their high-profile status with the foundation to gain access to political leaders. Foremost among those leaders, of course, was former Secretary of State Clinton.

But the corruption wasn't confined to members of the Clinton Foundation. High-profile Democratic donors were also privy to access to the Secretary, provided they paid enough.

Without access to the DNC emails, access which was given grudgingly to say the least at the hands of Russian hackers, American citizens would have had no idea that a political entity like the DNC was using private funds to gain access to a public figure.

What's inherently bad about the situation is the fact that we live in America, a democracy. Everyone has a vote and the amount of money you have in the bank doesn't, or at least shouldn't, influence how much sway your vote has. Unfortunately, the Democratic party has proved that it believes that there are certain voices and votes that matter more than others--specifically those voices that have huge bank accounts behind them.

What's worse, the leaked DNC emails give pretty clear evidence that DNC staffers were selling access to Secretary Clinton. They were selling access to a politician who was working on the taxpayers' dime.

Clinton and her cronies went way overboard this time. This is something that the Federal Election Commission can get involved with (and should!).

When will the rest of the public realize that Clinton has done everything in her power to lie, cheat and finagle her way to the top. Who's to say that she won't continue to do so as president? She can't be allowed to enter the White House again.

h/t: Daily Caller

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