Why would multi-billionaire Donald Trump trade a life of luxury for a life of hardship being president of the United States?

Daniel Lawrence Whitney, aka Larry The Cable Guy, believes it's because of Trump's natural patriotism and conservative values.

In a video interview on YouTube, Whitney was asked what he thought of a Trump presidency.

"I think he's going to do a great job," the country comedian said, despite all the treachery from the "swamp" Trump promised to drain.

Whitney said Trump's successful background in high-profile real estate and his lack of a connected political background would be good for America.

"I think it's about time we ran our country like a business and not put people into positions of power that bought their positions of power," he said. "It's time you put your country first is what you should do."

"The guy had everything to lose. He had nothing to win," Whitney continued while wondering aloud why Trump, as a member of the "1 percent," would walk away from a "great life" and take on the burden of being president. "Why would you give all that up for death threats and people hating you when they all liked you?"

Larry The Cable Guy went on to characterize Trump as a winner who won't settle for anything less than being the best president America has ever elected.

"I think Donald Trump has the ego enough where he does not want to leave without being the greatest president," said Whitney.

The celebrity, noted for playing an acoustic guitar emblazoned with the Confederate flag, said Trump's success depended on Americans being able to accept him as their president and allowing him to do his job.

In other words, Git-R-Done.

"If they [liberals] take a pill, take a breath, chill out, give the guy a chance and for once in your life think about our country and not yourself," Trump will be a great president, he said. "That's the problem right there. Amen. Someone give me a boo."

Not from us, Larry. You're preaching to the choir.

Do you think Larry The Cable Guy is right that Trump will leave office with the earned title of greatest POTUS?

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