The United States has long been known as a nation of refugees and immigrants. And for the most part Americans today are okay with that, as long as immigrants and refugees come through proper channels and don’t sap all of our national resources.

But a worrying statistic about the current refugees who are coming into the country is their native language. Over thirty-nine percent of total refugees in America speak a single language—Arabic.

While that number in itself isn’t cause for worry, when combined with other statistics regarding immigration and refugees it doesn’t paint quite as pretty a picture.

It’s been well documented that the number illegal immigrants migrating into the United States have been increasing rapidly. Immigration experts have revealed that the numbers are up over ten million since the year 2000 and a large percentage of those immigrants are from the Middle East.

What makes the situation absurd, however, is the fact that over ninety percent of these refugees are receiving food stamps. We are actively engaged in giving away resources to people who may not have the best interest of America at heart.

I think we can all safely agree, however, that just because someone comes to the United States from the Middle East it does not make him or her a threat to national security. There is nothing inherently wrong with coming to America from a specific location—that’s barring major transmittable diseases and the possibility of undercover spies.

What is disheartening and frightening about the situation is the fact of this increasing immigration coupled with rising numbers of radicalized American Muslims attempting to materially aid ISIS and engage in terrorist attacks on American soil.

It’s an undeniable fact that those who speak Arabic are more likely to be Muslim. Those same Muslims, on the most part, are peace-loving, harmless individuals who enjoy the freedoms of America just like the rest of us.

However, there are Muslims who enjoy the freedoms of America to plan and stage attacks against the very country that is feeding and clothing them.



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