During the 18-month campaign to first win the Republican nomination and then the presidency, Donald Trump repeatedly outlined the priorities of a Trump administration, should he win, and they were something like: JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.

To Americans hurting from the stagnant economy of the Obama years, with the slowest recovery since World War II, Trump’s message resonated deeply and they responded with their votes.

While Hillary Clinton called half of his supporters “irredeemable deplorables” who are “un-American,” promising to “close down a lot of coal companies” and “put coal miners out of work,” the unlikely champion of the working man, a billionaire from New York, understood the frustration of American workers who don’t want the “retraining” welfare Clinton was offering in place of jobs.

Trump was elected, in part on the promise of bringing back jobs, and has begun to make good on that vow before he has taken the oath of office – winning commitments from companies like Carrier and Ford to keep plants open in the U.S. by use of both the carrot of tax incentives and stick of tariffs.

But instead of covering the stories of thousands of Americans who had happier holidays knowing they were not going to lose their jobs, the mainstream media is painting the president-elect as a jobs “destroyer.”

Their complaint?

Trump is taking away jobs from… Mexico.

The Associated Press ran with a headline, “Ford’s plant cancellation leaves Mexicans wondering about their jobs,” which was quickly picked up by traditionally liberal newspapers, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Miami Herald, as well as the Chicago Tribune and Business Insider.

The article behind the headline featured anecdotal stories about Mexicans who were expecting employment by Ford and Carrier at plants in northern Mexico and seemingly believe it is the responsibility of the United States and the American president to provide jobs in foreign countries for foreign citizens.

Stunningly, one Mexican interviewed by the AP reporter, asked, “This Trump, he doesn’t want people there, so where is he going to send them?” as if it will be President Trump’s obligation to find work for him.

Another, a construction worker, made even less sense. “And he doesn’t want work to open here? So then he’s going to close the doors.”

The $1.6 billion Ford plant would have employed 2,800 Mexicans and provided an economic boon to the region and the Economic Development Secretary, Gustavo Puente Orozco, said he couldn’t believe the news when he heard the plan had been scrapped.

One business owner told the AP reporter, “It hit us like a bucket of cold water. Everyone here was hoping for a lot of growth in the state and this region, too.”

Yes, that’s what American voters were hoping for, too.

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