One young man’s life is changing for the better courtesy of Kanyada Waters. Ms. Waters heard the encouragement and felt the nudging of God’s hand when she pulled over and picked up a stranger.


The Anchorage, Alaska woman had notice the man holding a sign that read, Laid off 2 Long Anything helps.” She spoke with him and learned that he was pretty down on his luck, he was not proud to be pandering.

He had no money, he was about to be evicted, and his cellphone had been turned off, thus potential employers for jobs he had applied to had no way to reach him. His goal was to get enough cash to address his cell phone bill and get back to hunting for a job.

Ms. Waters asked the man to get in her car, and he complied. She drove to the nearest AT&T store and paid up his phone bill, and an extra two months. He was overwhelmed and cried, but Waters said, “I told him it was all God!”

She posted of the experience to social media and a friend offered to buy Richard a bike. With his cell phone bill paid up, and a new bike, he is now able to get around town.

In fact, he may have a job by now, because when his cell service was reinstated he had a message waiting offering him a part-time job.


Not every panderer or homeless person you meet on the street is there by choice. Think of how awful it must feel to reach that level of desperation. Now, be thankful there are awesome people like Kanyada Waters in the world who truly make a difference.

Source: Mad World News

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