Kurt Russell, is something of an icon. He is associated with a myriad of tough-guy action flicks, whereby the good guy is up against steeply stacked odds with respect to a victorious outcome.

While those movies are just that, movies, fake, fantasy, fantastical, you name it, they generally feature a recurring theme.

Bad guys have guns, or other weapons, and plenty of them at their disposal, to carry out their devilish deeds. Typically, gun fights ensue and the good guy wins.

So, in keeping with this theme, let’s take a look at, and review Mr. Russell’s statements in response to questions by Jeffrey Wells (Hollywood Elsewhere) on December 5th.

First, you must ready yourself for the idiocy that is Mr. Wells and his “theses” regarding metaphorical tools in telling a story or when discussing something more relevant, like say, the 2nd Amendment.

Wells asked Russell if he thought that the new film, in which he (Russell) stars, could be viewed differently given the terror attacks in Paris, France and San Bernardino, California. 

According to Wells, “We all know right now guns is a trope.”


“I mean, not a trope-it’s a totem; it’s a metaphor that disenfranchised white guys need,” because “It makes them feel good…”

Seriously. That is the brainiac’s implication.

Russell, cool as ever said, “You can say what you want. I don’t agree with that. It’s not my thing.”

To which Wells insisted was “irrefutable.”

Mistake. Russell goes on a fantastic rant, which you can read in-full at the link, but for snippet’s sake;

“If you think gun control or something like that is going to change the terrorists’ point of view, I think you’re, like, out of your mind. I think anybody is. I think it’s absolutely insane.”

It goes on and gets better, because the idiot kept at the premise that gun control is the answer. Russell went at it with him and put forth his own questions to Wells, which included things like; should we take away knives, cars, “outlaw everything?”

The article is as frustrating to read as it must have been for Russell to sit through.  There is no logical conversation with liberals. They are incapable of rational conversation.

When you read the article you will come to the same conclusion as Russel; we need to stop being afraid of the bad guys and make them afraid of us.

Source: CNS News


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