The ISIS are animals. They are the stuff of nightmares; the worst creatures one can envision spawning from the depths of hell.

They know no limits to their perverted violence. The horrors they can wage on a human being indicate that these are not people, they are something akin to otherworldly, something so despicably evil that they are beyond comprehension.

We have witnessed the videos of beheadings, the burning alive of people in cages, the drowning of people in cages, the crushing of people in cages by heavy equipment dropping boulders on them, the running them down with tanks, dismemberment of children, sometimes while parents are forced to watch, crucifixion of all ages, child rape, sex slave trade, and the list goes on and on and on and on.

The Kurds, those brave enough to step up to ISIS and battle them in their homeland, as opposed to flee, have stumbled upon yet another example of their mutation away from the branch of humanity.

Recently, the Kurds found three mass graves near Sinjar, along the northern border of Iraq and Syria. The first grave held the butchered and mutilated bodies of 78 women, aged 40-80, possibly murdered because of their uselessness to the sexual assault oriented captors.

Nine miles away, was the location of another mass grave containing 60 bodies of men, women and presumably their children. Although there may be more, but due to the grave being booby-trapped with bombs, it will be sometime before the totality of this horror is known.

“These people [the executed] were shot and buried during the Daesh invasion last year,” said Qasim Samir, a Director of Intelligence for the rebel forces.

This is what the moderate Muslims don’t want you to know. This is condoned and encouraged in the Quran. Sexual depravity, torture, enslavement, and murder are par for the course.

If it weren’t we would see more moderate Muslims speaking out, enlisting in the militaries of the world to go fight the perverts of their faith, and not fleeing their countries.

All they are doing, with the exception of very few, is spreading this filth around the globe by standing around and keeping quiet.

Moderate Muslims should be ashamed of themselves for their weak and cowardly ways.

Source: Mad World News


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