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Candidate Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform” this nation, but many Americans were so anxious elect a black president to erase the final stain of prejudice that they forgot to ask the relevant questions: Why? How?

On January 20, 2009 when Obama took the oath of office, it is unlikely most Americans could have foreseen just how fundamental the changes he had in mind were, and how far they would reach into our homes, families and schools.

Today, in the final months of his second term, Obama ordered all schools to open all bathrooms and locker rooms to children based on their perception of their gender, rather than their biological sex.

Nearly 55 million schoolchildren in 100,000 K-12 public schools will be the ones forced to make the accommodation, putting their own natural sense of modesty and desire for privacy aside to make an almost statistically imperceptible percentage of others feel “welcome” in a space where they should be able to expect privacy.

When President Obama “evolved” from candidate Obama’s position that marriage was between a man and a woman to favor same-sex marriage, it was a step toward dismantling behaviors that underpinned civilization for millennia, but not content to push for bathroom and locker room rights for transgendered adults, he has placed the burden on the youngest members of society.

Now middle-school students, already agonizingly self-conscious because of the physical changes taking place with their bodies, will be forced by the will of no less a power figure than their president to undress alongside members of the opposite sex who claim to “identify” with theirs.

Public schools who dare resist Obama’s edict will learn the true scope of his power soon enough as he makes good on his threat to withhold federal money for lack of compliance.

The actual impact of the new order is unknown, as the number of transgendered persons is estimated to be as few as 1 in 2,400 among adults.

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