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Barack Obama would have called them bitter people from “small town America who cling to guns or religion,” but 9-year-old Carlie Trent just calls them “heroes.”

The Tennessee girl who was kidnapped from school by an uncle and held in a remote location for over a week was rescued by two brothers during a community-wide search effort in Hawkins County, near the Virginia border, as the community joined together to pray and search for her.

Mark Gwyn, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agrees with Carlie.

“These are just two heroes who went on their property just to see if by chance could they be there and they were. We are sure the family of Carlie Trent sends their heartfelt thanks for the actions that were taken today.”

Stewart Franklin, found the little girl in an area so remote it is only accessible by ATV, and held her uncle at gunpoint while his brother, Donnie Lawson, called 911.

Another member of the community who was searching on the land, Baptist minister Roger Carpenter, said, “If I was going to hide that’s where I’d go. It’s a remote region – very hard to find, but perfect to hide in.”

Carpenter said the community “prayed and got the answer that we were looking for,” a sentiment echoed by Gwyn.

“Carlie is safe tonight because of an entire community pulling together and working with law enforcement to bring her home.”

Yet, as the story made “Breaking News” on network and cable news, mainstream media was careful to omit the fact that the kidnapper was held at gunpoint while the police were summoned.

And also during the weekend, former Today Show host and self-proclaimed expert, Katie Couric, appeared on television promoting her upcoming gun-control documentary, choosing an inconvenient time to declare that there’s no benefit to a “good guy with a gun” when coming up against a “bad guy.”

Tell that to Carlie Trent who saw Stewart Franklin – you know, the guy with the gun – at her welcome home party on Saturday and gave him a big hug.


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