At a Texas kindergarten the bell was just about to ring when one mom pulled up to school to drop off her son. She had been running late and both her and her son were in a big hurry to get where they needed to be. However, while the mom was pulling away from school she looked back and what her son was doing outside the school, and immediately turned right back around.

Royce Thompson had only just gotten out of his mother's car to go to school when the final bell for class rang signaling that he was late. As Royce rushed the doors to school something happened that made him stop abruptly and take action.

Royce had no idea that his mother and nearby police officer were watching when he stopped just feet away from the school doors after class had already started.

After witnessing the two things that Royce did right outside of school both the officer and his mother were completely shocked.

A picture was taken of Royce and it has gone totally viral, showing our country that true American values are still held by some of our nation's most promising youth.

The kindergartener knew that he was already late for class and would likely have some sort of consequence for showing up after the bell but he felt that something else was more important, which shows that he truly knows what's important in life and in this country.

When Royce was just a few steps away from the front doors the school began reciting the Pledge of Allegiance over the loudspeaker. Royce immediately stopped, put his hand over his heart, and began to recite the Pledge of Allegiance even though he thought he was completely alone.


When he finished reciting the final words "and justice for all," he did something truly remarkable. He bowed his head and spoke a prayer. Royce thanked God for the day and asked God to give his blessing over the day. Then he walked inside and joined his classmate.

Even though Royce is only a few years old and has only been able to enjoy America's freedoms for a fraction of the time that most Americans have, he showed that he is grateful for the chance to live in America and truly respects the country that he lives in.

People all across the country should be able to learn a lesson for the respect and pride that Royce demonstrated that day and his parents should be honored for outstanding parenting.

In such a hectic and chaotic world we live in today it's refreshing to know that our country still has hope so long as people like Royce Thompson and his excellent family continue to live their lives the way they do.

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Source: Mad World News


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