Race hustler Al Sharpton was at it again attempting to once again use a tragedy to further his own political agenda. This time the huckster known as “Al” used the tragedy in Charleston and the fallout from the Confederate Flag controversy to bash Kid Rock in his own hometown of Detroit.  

The scripted protest was organized by the Detroit chapter of the National Action Network and took place at the Detroit Historical Museum. During the protest, participants said that Kid Rock was "the home-town hero who is a zero with the Confederate flag."

And while the PC crowd has all but shamed, intimidated and threatened countless companies and individuals in removing that historic symbol of southern heritage, Kid Rock is certainly not one of them.

And when asked to respond on Fox News to Sharpton and company, Kid Rock released a statement that was short, direct and to the point "Please tell the people who are protesting to kiss my ass/Ask me some questions."

The rocker has used images of the Confederate flag for decades throughout his career without any problems, until the “reverend Al” came along and threatened to boycott and protest his show.

The irony is that Kid Rock likely has done more to support his hometown of Detroit than any other artist through a charitable, foundation. Furthermore suggesting that somehow displaying the Confederate flag makes him a racist is ridiculous, especially when your own son Bobby Jr. is African-American.

h/t: TPNN

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