How far will the establishment go to stop Trump? The answer is pretty far. They're willing to extend their reach into the state level, onto school grounds, and they want that reach to be able to affect what clothing our children wear. I'd say that's the mark of an unfair system.

Here's what happened.

In Fresno, California, a young boy was told by school administrators that he needed to take off a "Make America Great Again" hat because it was causing a disturbance. The boy who was wearing the hat, a third-grader named Logan Autry, refused.

Autry said that wearing the hat was within his rights to freedom of speech as an American. He had worn the hat for several days in a row at recess and reports stated that children on the playground were bullying the boy and trying to take the hat away from him.

It doesn't help his situation at all that Logan is a huge Donald Trump supporter. In fact, earlier this year Logan skipped a day of school to attend one of Trump's rallies where he reportedly got to touch the business magnate's hair.

Still, Logan claims its not the hat that's causing the bullying, but the fact that his personality is one which naturally attracts attention.

"I still want to keep my hat. It’s not the hat that draws attention, it’s just my personality that the other children do not like." Logan is probably referring to the fact that he spends much of his time during recess practicing standing up for Donald Trump's policies about the border and immigration, topics which are dicey to say the least in California.

When asked why he is such a staunch supporter of Trump, Logan's answer was simple and echoes what so many around the country have stated.

"[He] doesn’t speak like a politician. He speaks like a normal person. He knows what this country needs."

h/t: Washington Times

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