Failing to heed common sense and free market solutions is nothing new for Democrats, but in a recent lame duck Senate session, Democrats failed to listen to their constituents. A recent U.S Today poll revealed that 60% of Americans, democrats and republicans alike, are in favor of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Yet, approval for the Keystone XL Pipeline failed to pass in the Senate by one vote. The bill was defeated 59 - 41.

The proposed project would carry crude oil from the Canadian tar sands, through 1,179 miles of pipeline, to Gulf Coast oil refineries in Texas. Despite a landslide of public support for this energy project that would bring jobs, economic growth, and energy independence, a majority of Senate Democrats vowed to defeat the Keystone XL Pipeline bill and President Obama threatened to pull rank and veto.

Even the passionate pleas of Democratic Senator Mary Landrieu, from Louisiana, fell on the deaf ears of her Democrat colleagues. Landrieu, battling to retain her seat in a run-off next month, argued that the shovel-ready project would put thousands of people to work. Tree-hugging democrats opposed to the project, including Senator Barbara Boxer from California, seemed more worried about climate change than unemployed Americans struggling to put food on their table.

However, all hope is not lost for the Keystone XL Pipeline. Senate Republican Leader, Mitch McConnell, plans to make the pipeline bill one of the first orders of business in the next session. Republicans take control of both houses of Congress in January.



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