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Though militant Muslims belonging to the group al-Shabaab killed twenty-eight Christians in an attack on a tour bus vengeance was served when the Kenyan army attacked and killed one hundred of the jihadists in an act of retribution.

The Christians were killed when Muslim terrorists stopped and boarded a tour bus traveling in northeastern Kenya. The attackers forced the occupants of the bus to acknowledge Allah as God. Those who didn’t or wouldn’t were brutally murdered with machine guns.

In response to the blatant targeting of Christians the Kenyan government sent fighter jets to attack terrorist camps housing members of the al-Shabaab terror group. Those fighter jets killed approximately ninety-five Muslim terrorists and a follow-up attack by a helicopter gunship killed another twenty terrorists.

Though Kenya’s population is only about 11 percent Muslim, there have been multiple terrorist attacks carried about my militant Muslims in the country.

It’s refreshing to see Kenya finally stand up to the atrocities being committed by a religious group. No matter your religious beliefs there is no law or practice on earth that should allow you to hold someone hostage and threaten them with death if they don’t worship according to your beliefs.

Though the attacks by Kenya’s army are slightly antithetical to the Christian teaching to “turn the other cheek,” there is a clear limit as to how much a religious group should be able to get away with in a society.

When that group starts targeting and killing others because their beliefs are different they have passed those limits.

Kenya’s strong stance against jihad inside its own country serves as a powerful example to the rest of the world and other countries facing similar battles within. If Muslims are attacking and targeting Christians, there comes a point when it becomes necessary to attack and destroy those Muslim terrorists themselves. Well done, Kenya.

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