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In another case of “Blue Lives Matter,” a Louisville, Kentucky police officer was shot while on duty when he made the mistake of confronting a suspicious individual.

Officer Kyle Carroll of the Louisville Metro Police took a bullet in the chest after the actions of 22-year-old Jacquan Crowley drew his attention while he was patrolling the city’s 1st division near the downtown area.

Police Chief Steven Conrad told reporters that Carroll recognized a man on the street from a previous arrest, and when the man turned away from Carroll in what he “believed was an effort to hide his identity, that caused the officer to become concerned.”

The suspect was identified as 22-year-old Jacquan Crowley, and, given that he had shot a police officer, was classified as armed and dangerous.

Carroll is thought to have turned back toward the suspect and given chase on foot as Crowley jumped a fence and ran.

Crowley had a long rap-sheet with one 2013 arrest slip noting, “Subject is known armed police fighter and gang member,” and in another incident, yelling, “F--- you! Kill me!” when approached by officers.

He was on probation after pleading guilty to assaulting a police officer and fleeing police in one case, and again for possession of cocaine and marijuana, tampering with evidence, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and fleeing police.

In fact, Crowley was out on a bench warrant for a March arrest by Officer Carroll which also resulted in a foot chase through a neighborhood.

Federal authorities tracked Crowley to the home of his sister in Volusia County, Florida, and his family members expressed relief that he had been taken into custody, saying they had feared he “would not go peacefully.”

Crowley will be charged with the attempted murder of Officer Carroll.

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