Chelsea Clinton recently came after Kellyanne Conway with heavy criticism that circulated through liberal news sites. Conway wasn't about to just sit there and take this type of attack from this entitled brat. Conway came back at Chelsea hard and put her in her place where she belongs.

Insults started flying when Chelsea Clinton hit Conway, Trump's senior advisor, hard for citing the "Bowling Green Massacre" incorrectly, an event that did not actually take place, when Conway was defending Trump's controversial immigration restriction order.

Conway came out after and stated that she meant to say "terrorists" when referring to the two Iraqi Bowling Green residents, who were caught attempting to send weapons to al-Qaeda in Iraq in 2011, and then subsequently arrested.

After Clinton tried to call out Conway for her mistake and asked to not "make up attacks," Conway came back at her and reminded her about that time when her mother made up a story about being under sniper fire in Bosnia on an airstrip in 1996 to try to gain popularity when she was running for president.

Then Conway brought out the big guns and buried Clinton and her daughter.

"I misspoke; you lost the election."

This is how you deal with liberal brats still bitter about the election results, who just try to throw jabs in to try to discredit the Trump administration or make them look foolish. Usually, it's going to blow back on you.

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Source: Daily Caller

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