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The rules for Vice Presidential candidates work as follows:

1) don't have a sex scandal

2) don't say anything to embarrass the presidential nominee.

Tim Kaine just violated rule number 2 in a major way recently in an interview on 'Meet The Press'.

In an effort to explain why the federal government should have more power to regulate the second amendment based on the wording of the first amendment (no this isn't the embarrassing part), Kaine made the analogy that, as a senator, he is not allowed to simply give unclassified information to someone with no qualifications.

The rest of the response could not be heard over the deafening laughter of the camera men, and reporter; however it is clear that if allowed to finish Kaine would have described behavior such as this as "extremely careless".

Tim you might want to check out the headlines when you get a chance. Mentioning how stupid it is to give classified information to unqualified persons might not be the wisest statement as Hillary's VP. Once again Hillary's campaign exhibits just a superhuman ability to step on their own feet, while somehow simultaneously jamming them into their own mouths.

Again, pray for 2 things this election period. Pray that Hillary never actually sees the inside of the oval office, and pray that she will run for president again every 4 years for the remaining history of the earth. She is just too much fun to watch.

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One more time with emphasis:

“I can’t take classified information I get as a senator and give it to somebody with no consequence. Freedom of speech has reasonable limits.”

Well put Senator. Too bad we all know it's not true when you're a Clinton.

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