Yes, you read the headline correctly. John Kasich is still trying to insert himself into the political debate and conversation--even after he dropped out of the presidential race. Though he's trying to bring up important points to countermand Trump, it's time for you to leave, John.

The points that Kasich recently made were given air time on Anderson Cooper's CNN show, under the headline "Breaking News."

However, the only news that was breaking was the fact that Kasich expressed his distaste at Reince Priebus's call to announce Donald Trump as the "presumptive GOP nominee" when Trump handily won Indiana.

"I wanted to win and I wanted to get to an open convention," Kasich told Cooper in the segment. "My basic deal was not to stop somebody else but it was to be about the ideas I had."

Kasich is referring to the well-publicized fact that he and Ted Cruz convened multiple times to plan out in which states they felt they could best beat Trump and then worked together to narrow the playing field.

Trump called the move sneaky and conniving, but it didn't matter. Trump still won Indiana and he's going to be the GOP nominee, there should be no question in anybody's mind about that.

So, while Kasich and other traditional Republicans might fault Priebus for so quickly announcing that Trump was the "presumptive nominee," what else was the chairman of the GOP going to do?

Kasich, for his part, called it a wrong move.

"I thought it was completely inappropriate," he told Cooper on the CNN segment.

But really, why are we still giving airtime to John Kasich. The man has excelled at being governor of Ohio, true, but he ran his campaign and clearly lost.

The conversation now needs to turn to Hillary v. Trump and how best GOP supporters can prepare Trump to take on Hillary in the November general election. Goodbye, John.


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