In Buddhism the definition of “Karma” is seen as the sum of a person’s actions, or bringing upon oneself results, good or bad, and  viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

And if you’re an ISIS terrorist and a religious fanatic using the Koran as a weapon to murder innocent “infidels”, then by that same fanatical and religious logic, “divine intervention” has finally taken a toll on you. In that this flesh-eating virus currently plaguing hundreds of Islamic terrorists, if not treated properly, can be brutally fatal.

The symptoms of this deadly disease are low blood cell counts, fever, swollen spleen and liver. The most notable symptoms are the large gaping wounds that can appear anywhere on the body, including the face.

The irony of course is that these Muslim barbarians have used religion as an excuse to murder and enslave those that they consider unworthy for thousands upon thousands of years, and now they are faced with an enemy they cannot defeat, and cannot terrorize.

"Leishmaniasis" (the name given to the disease), has been hitting the ISIS fighters in the city of Raqqa, and the jihadi fighters are even refusing what few treatments they can get. The remaining local medical workers are inexperienced and their supplies are stretched thin, but given time, the disease may end the ISIS nightmare for them. After that, they can get back to treating any innocent citizens who have contracted this grave illness.


Ironically if one reads the Koran or perhaps the Holy Bible, and references within its pages moments of great challenges and of God’s interventions, perhaps this plague, this epidemic that is currently ravaging Syria, is a reminder of man’s intolerance towards man.

Last year, the Doctors Without Borders had to abandon the war-torn nation when ISIS seized it, effectively shutting down many of the Syria’s medical centers, however one can’t help but to draw an analogy between good and evil, and what the Buddhists term as KARMA.

Sources: Mirror


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