Once again the media is all abuzz about another Kanye West “moment”, and whether the rapper and mega con-man is to be believed or not, and who can say?

However one thing is certain he and Donald Trump have one thing in common they both love to speak their minds and of course “tweet, tweet, tweet”!

This time West is crying poverty and claiming he’s millions of dollars in “personal debt.”

The rapper appeared on “Saturday Night Live” and introduced his newly released album, titled “The Life of Pablo,” then later tweeted his financial troubles, and even asked Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, for a cool billion-dollars.

However before anyone begins writing checks to West, its worth noting that his net worth as of 2015 is estimated at around $150 million dollars, not bad for a kid born in Illinois.

No doubt West is a talented recording star collaborating with mega recording mogul Jay-z which eventually led to a very successful career, which began with his hit debut solo album entitled The School Dropout, launched in 2004.

West also runs his own record label GOOD Music, home to artists such as John Legend, Common and Kid Cudi.

So the question that should be asked is this simply another “Kanye West moment” attempting to simply steal headlines with outrageous claims, and ambushing on stage follow recording artists like Taylor Swift, or is this perhaps a real cry for help?

And more importantly do you care?

Kanye has been reaching out to billionaires for a little welfare love:

This guy might be the biggest a** in the country and that's saying a lot with Obama at the helm.

h/t: Daily Caller

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