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There’s little doubt that Colin Kaepernick’s antics has created a firestorm of controversy on social media, and unless you’ve just awakened from being in a coma, in all probability you’ve become a part of that firestorm, and whether you’re a sport fan or not, or agree or not in Colin’s decision, we should all respect his right to be “wrong.”

And apparently so does his birth mother Heidi Russo, who tweeted out this message for Colin:

“There’s ways to make change w/o disrespecting & bringing shame to the very country & family who afforded you so many blessings!”

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That simple yet profound post pretty much covers it all; in that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was born into chaos on November 3rd 1987, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to a white 19-year old Heidi Russo, and to an African-American father who abandoned both of them before Colin was born.

Single and destitute at the time, Heidi decided to place Colin up for adoption, where a loving white family adopted him, and the rest as they say is history.

In that Colin’s story isn’t unique, it’s actually an American tale of achieving the “American Dream” and that most immigrants understand all to well, and the reason why millions upon millions have come to the “land of milk and honey.”

Perhaps Colin’s remarks is more of a subterfuge for his lackluster performance in attaining a starting position as quarterback against Blaine Gabbert.

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