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Up until six days ago, any discussion surrounding San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick   involved speculation about his future in football after losing his starting position to a relatively undistinguished backup QB, Blaine Gabbert.

Once an up-and-coming player, Kaepernick compiled a record of disappointments, and in February, at the end of another lackluster season compounded by a injuries, he said he hoped to be traded.

However, last week, with roster decisions pending, it seemed likely that Kaepernick would spend the season sitting on the bench backing up Gabbert.

So, it may not seem so surprising that Kaepernick suddenly decided that he believes blacks are oppressed in America.

In fact, this revelation so disturbed him that he evidently felt compelled to express what he calls his deeply-felt and long-held outrage at what he perceives at oppression in front of the fans in Levi Stadium, on national TV to gain maximum exposure.

As both teams, coaches, staff, media and fans stood during the national anthem… Kaepernick sat on the 49ers bench.

The reaction created immediate controversy with fans, commentators, ESPN announcers, pundits and politicians all chiming in on Kaepernick’s protest statement – just as he had hoped.

His political beliefs were front and center and his quarterback rating totally forgotten as he so dominated the news cycle that only Donald Trump’s spur of the moment visit south of the border interrupted coverage of Kaepernick’s treachery or bravery – depending on one’s outlook.

Almost a week later, as the press waited with anticipation to learn whether Kaepernick would sit or stand when the 49ers played the San Diego Chargers on “Military Appreciation Night,” a photograph of the QB wearing socks at practice featuring a cartoon pig wearing a police cap hit social media.

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The image references the epithet for police and the recent use of the word “pig” by Black Lives Matter chants: “Pigs in a blanket – fry ‘em like bacon.”

Kaepernick is half-white and half-African-American, but was raised by white parents who adopted him when he was an infant.

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Besides acknowledging the publicity coup, many sports writers and fans believe he manufactured the entire stunt to make it difficult for the 49ers to cut him without appearing to be doing so for political reasons.

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Others note that Kaepernick recently began dating a Muslim activist who has spoken out against Islamaphobia who may be influencing him.

Source: Bleacher Report

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