Recently the nation was split again. This time it was due to another public race-baiting figure, Collin Kaepernick, the Quarter Back for the San Francisco 49ers. Kaepernick chose to disrespect the entire nation by choosing to sit during the national anthem.

Now he is receiving a lot of heat from all across the country. He managed to upset a lot of Americans, including one more intriguing woman, his own mother.

Sometimes when children act up it is the duty of their parents to discipline them. Normally this happens during adolescence, when the kid steals some extra cookies or stays out past curfew.

It would seem that in Kaepernick's case he still needs to be taught a few lessons from his mother, he's just a little old to be pulling such childish antics.

Kaepernick's biological mother was forced to give him up after she was left by Kaepernick's deadbeat dad. Heidi Russo knew Kaepernick would have a better life with a family that was better equipped to care and provide for the boy.

However, after Kaepernicks latest stunt Heidi has been receiving a lot of criticism for her almost 30 year old decision. Now she's had enough of the criticism and her son's disrespect to his adopted family and the entire nation.

After Heidi discovered how much her son had been acting out and spitting in the face of the country that gave him so much, she decided she had to say something.

"@Kaepernick7 There’s ways to make change w/o disrespecting & bringing shame to the very country & family who afforded you so many blessings," Heidi's Twitter post read. She didn't stop at that.

She also made sure to give some advice to her misguided son, "@Kaepernick7 The path less traveled doesn’t need to be one of destruction. #beenthere #besmarter #berespectful."

Even though she is not the woman that reared Kaepernick she is his mother and will always love him. She has made sure to not just scold him for his actions but try to bring him back on the right path. We can only hope that she got through to him, but that remains to be seen.

Kaepernick has embarrassed his entire country and most of all his family. Hopefully his mothers brutally honest and heartfelt message gets through to him.

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Source: Mad World News


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