The nation was completely outraged when San Francisco Quarter Back Colin Kaepernick spit in the face of all Americans by choosing to remain seated during the national anthem. He insulted Americans and then he went after cops when he explained why he was acting like such a selfish brat. Now he's done it again and he's taken it a step further this time.

Kaepernick has announced that he will be donating the first million dollars that he earns this year to 'social justice organizations' aka the radical Black Lives Matter group. The announcement was made during the post-game press conference this on Thursday night.

Kaepernick told the press that the reason behind his recent decision to fund groups like the Black Lives Matter group. "I have to help these people. I have to help these communities," explained Kaepernick.

If Kaepernick really wanted to help the black communities then he wouldn't be funding such radical groups that have been waging a war on our nations police force. He would give that money the people that these groups pretend to fight for.

Just like the Black Lives Matter, Kaepernick has chosen to make more of a scene and insult and disrupt the peace in America as some sort of publicity stunt rather than actually help the people most in need.

Kaepernick has stated that he wants to focus more on the "how" rather than the "why" he is funding these groups.

In other words Kaepernick wants these people to take action and we've all seen what type of action the Black Lives Matter movement takes, it doesn't involve helping those in need but rather creating chaos and violence.

We can only hope that somebody is keeping an eye on what the Black Lives Matter is doing with that million. However, seeing how the liberal media has admitted to hiding the facts about the Black Lives Matter because they are scared of the movement this supervision is highly unlikely.

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Source: US Uncut


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