Colin Kaepernick has really gone down hill over the past year. He went from being a star starting quarterback in the NFL for the San Francisco 49ers to a bench player who was shamed by Americans everywhere for his disrespect to our country and our nation's police force. This decision kept hem firmly planted on the bench, where he belongs, but it looks like his career is only getting worse after what he just got hit with.

It looks like the officers are getting some well-deserved payback for Kaepernick's disgusting disrespect. Kaepernick took a nice high salary and then after a few injuries couldn't do what he got paid to do. Since he had so much free time he decided to attack our police force and like the rest of the liberal celebrities in this country, he tried to use his fame to pedal his political beliefs.

After Kaepernick chose to kneel during countless games and prove to the nation just what a punk he really is, his team and the rest of the franchise seemed pretty fed up with him.

His repeated caustic moves to support the violent anti-police group Black Lives Matter really upset a lot of people, and it's finally having some serious consequences for Kaepernick.

Many have speculated that Kaepernick would be let go due to his poor performance and his unwelcome political antics. A person from the NFL, who chose to remain anonymous due to the NFL's policy of not speaking about upcoming deals, told USA Today that his contract renegotiation is currently underway. This means that best case scenario, he gets to keep his job for a significant pay cut, and worse case scenario, he gets the boot.

Yahoo Sports seems to think that Kaepernick will be cut from the team and you can bet that his political stance hasn't helped him one bit. He is finally going to get what he deserves. This will be a good lesson to the rest of the liberal celebrities that there are actually consequences for your actions.

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Source: Freedom Daily

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