For many of us “the war on terror” is simply a two-minute video clip on YouTube, on Facebook or on some other social media server on our computer or smart phone, and consumed like a quick midday snack, with perhaps just a passing thought to the carnage we’ve just witnessed.

However to those orchestrating the carnage we’ve perhaps just witnessed the message the barbarians have been conveying through their videos is one of shock and awe, to those within the civilized world.

Those graphic and mind numbing visuals from the propaganda merchants known as ISIS want to instill fear, disgust, anger, and revenge, as we witness one brutal act after another.

In one video where an alleged British spy is killed by ISIS, the “spy” tells the “story” of how ISIS was one step ahead of him the whole time. Another common theme is for victims to read speeches, just before their death, denouncing the governments of their home country.

And their deaths are always a spectacle of mass beheadings, and of black clocked individuals proclaiming their allegiance to Allah, as they slit the throat of yet another innocent victim.

However what happens when the propaganda merchants are on the other side?

This 4-minute video footage shows an ISIS prisoner captured by the Kurdish YPG, pleading and crying for his life, and the response from his captors is quite interesting. Click “CC” on the Youtube video for English subtitles.

Source: Allen B West



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