We all remember last summer when the ignorant Left declared all out war on any depiction of the Confederate flag, saying that it was a symbol only of racism and needed to be removed from everything. They completely disregarded history or other symbolism that the flag holds and decided that they were the final arbiter on the subject of the Confederate flag. Well, now they're at it again and they're taking it one step further.

The Confederate flag has been seen less and less, being taken down left and right from everywhere that it used to fly. Now the Justice Department is continuing its crusade against the flag and has decided that it is evidence supporting a 'racial bias.'

Now, two men, Robert Paschalis, 25, and Charles Butler, 33,  have been charged with a hate crime. The Justice Department is saying that the two men assaulted a man based solely on the fact that the victim is African-American.

The two aggressors are undoubtedly racists, but the issue lies in how the Justice Department chose to label the two as such, and that should concern all of us.

The affidavit filed by the FBI in the case explains how the it determined that Butler was racist through 'indisputable' evidence.

The affidavit reads:

"(His Facebook page had photos of) Adolph Hitler, burning crosses, Nazi war eagles, Aryan Nationalist Alliance logos, Confederate flags, the Ku Klux Klan, references to President Obama as a monkey, and various white pride symbols."

There's something about this excerpt that stands out amid other evidence. The Confederate flag is listed alongside all these other bits of evidence insinuating that it is just as much an article of compelling evidence that he is racist as the Ku Klux Klan, burning crosses, and the other list of obviously racist symbols and references.

After seeing this expansive collection of symbols and references, it is pretty safe to say that Butler is a racist but it is rather concerning that the Confederate flag played just as big a part in the FBI's assessment.

There are many people in America who have no connection to the KKK and who do not post pictures of Hitler and burning crosses on social media, but that may retain respect for the Confederate flag and all that it stands for.

The affidavit continues with another very similar grouping saying that Butler had "numerous tattoos indicative of white supremacy, including the German War Eagle, a portrait of Adolph Hitler, a Swastika and a Confederate flag," once again making the Confederate flag solely a symbol of racism in identifying someone as such.

Obviously the other symbols were sufficient to identify Butler as racist without mention of the Confederate flag.

Many Americans do not view the Confederate flag as a racist symbol, but rather as a symbol of a rebellious spirit and a part of American history.

However, it would seem that the FBI and the Justice Department do not share the same view as many Americans and have deemed the Confederate flag as symbol of racism and nothing more.

They are now identifying any use or depiction of the Confederate flag as an automatic sign of a complete racist.

By that logic, anyone in America who raises a fist in the air imitating the Black Panther symbol, like Beyoncé during her half-time performance at the Super Bowl, is also a racist ready to use violence against whites. That would almost seem more appropriate.

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Source: Conservative Tribune


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