The obvious “scorched earth” policy towards the Jewish State by this self aggrandized “closet Muslim, will hopefully not stand. And within a little over 3-weeks Obama will become history, and a new pro-Israel administration will take the reins of power and will hopefully restore our ally Israel, to its rightful place among our family of trusted friends.

Moreover Congress is apparently getting ready to “drain the swamp” within the UN after this egregious resolution voted on by those jackals against Israel and in full support by the Obama Administration.

The GOP along with some pro-Israel Democrats are calling for the U.S. to cut off funding to the United Nations, along with perhaps cutting back ties with those nations that voted for the measure and even expelling some Arab diplomats from the U.S.

The unforeseen backlash against the Obama Administration has come from all quarters especially among Jewish Democrats who view the unanimous vote that condemned continued Jewish settlement building on the West Bank, a provocation rather than a solution towards peace.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) speaking to the Free Beacon acknowledged: “The disgraceful anti-Israel resolution passed by the UNSC was apparently only the opening salvo in the Obama administration’s final assault on Israel, President Obama, Secretary Kerry, Ambassador Power, and their colleagues should remember that the United States Congress reconvenes on January 3rd, and under the Constitution we control the taxpayer funds they would use for their anti-Israel initiatives.”

Cruz continued: “The 115th Congress must stop the current administration’s vicious attack on our great ally Israel, and address the major priorities of the incoming administration.”

Do you support Congress defunding the U.N.?

Tell us what decision you would like to see Congress take as far as paying for the U.N. to operate?

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