Obama is only weeks away from being out of office, but he hasn't let that stop him from sneaking in his last few punches for his liberal agenda and draining every penny out of the pockets of Americans before he goes.

America has recently jumped a huge milestone, the total for the 10-year regulatory burden just exceeded $1 trillion, as reported by American Action Forum.

Under Obama's government, the new Environmental Protection Agency regulations on trucks were what edged the regulations costs past the $1 trillion mark.

What does that mean for everyday American citizens?

That they're going to be paying a one-time payment of $3,080, which comes out to around $540 a year for these new regulations.

This effective "tax" could take shape in a number of ways, most likely less jobs and more taxes. So it would seem this is just about par for the course as far as Obama's standards go.

If you didn't think that was enough of a waste, think about this, Conservative Tribune reports that the amount of time that is going to be required to fill out this much paperwork comes out to 754,208,700 hours.

The estimates show that to complete this meaningless and monstrous task it would take 377,000 people working full-time at 2,000 hours per week to process.

Knowing Obama, he probably won't even stop there. He will likely try to sneak in a few more regulations before he gets the much-needed boot.

This is what big government looks like to the extreme.

Luckily, during Trump's campaign he promised to chop down government regulations by a large amount.

The fact of the matter is, this much regulation is not only inefficient but costly to the American tax-payers, you and I.

Trump knows that the time to cut these regulations back and stop strangling the economy is now if we ever want to make America great again.

Please share and let people know what Obama's doing with his last few days in office.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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