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To those within the liberal media the brutal and senseless murder of a 43-year old white woman at the hands of two black youths may as well have been 120,000 miles away from the University of Missouri, rather than a mere  120 miles, for all of the media coverage it didn't receive.

Perhaps if the skin pigmentation been reversed the media coverage would no doubt be a 24/7 media frenzy, with personal recollections of the victim and an in-debt profile of the assailants.

Of course this is the same media that only a few short weeks ago covered the story of Jonathon Butler and his protest. In a letter to the university, Butler outlined the despicable acts that he had seen in the 90 days prior to his hunger strike that led to his charges, such as the unsubstantiated racial slur directed at MSA President Payton Head, or that the KKK was on campus, or that he (Butler), was in contact with the authorities, all of which proved to be false

Butler if you recall is a very rich spoiled kid, who happens to be black, and apparently feels a bit disenfranchised from those within the black community, and invented a series of racial issues, which only goes to show that money doesn't buy common sense.

However the murder of Tanya Chamberlain who was at a car wash when two black eighth graders climbed into the back seat, and stabbed her to death, isn’t a bogus adolescent stunt, its real news.

Do you think the race-baiting liberal media purposefully chooses to cover crimes that fit it's agenda?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Source: Daily Wire


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