In the days following the voters’ repudiation of President Obama and the progressive agenda of the Democrats that has so divided the country in the past eight years, party leaders have searched not for the reasons for the loss, nor a re-evaluation of its strategies and policies, but for new standard bearers to groom for the 2018 election.

With Hillary Clinton no longer a political force on the national stage and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, whose appearance on the campaign trail as her surrogate was of dubious value, the party’s stars are two political veterans far to the left of center – 74-year-old curmudgeonly Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren who will be 71 years-old when Americans next vote in a presidential election.

Faced with the reality of a sliver of a bench, Democrats are already considering grooming Chelsea Clinton for elective office in the future, but speculation is beginning to focus on First Lady Michelle Obama as a 2020 candidate for… president.

Mrs. Obama, who was a corporate lawyer in Chicago prior to becoming First Lady in 2009, has never held elective office of any kind nor expressed any particular desire to be a civil servant, but her activism in areas such as fighting childhood obesity have given some credibility to rumors that she might be convinced to run.

The Obamas’ two daughters were just seven and ten-years-old when they moved to the White House, but with the eldest in the middle of a gap year before college and the younger girl set to graduate from high school just as her term as First Lady comes to an end, Michelle might be looking for a new career.

The rumors, however, seem to be nothing more as David Axelrod, the top strategist behind Obama’s 2008, has revealed that the First Lady “is not someone who loves politics at all,” saying he would “bet everything that I own against that prospect.

Although the Obama insider described Mrs. Obama as “a reluctant conscript to politics,” he acknowledged that she emerged as a popular surrogate for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic Convention in July and in the closing days of the campaign.

The First Lady traveled extensively during the eight years of her husband’s administration and took an interest in fighting childhood obesity, but did not appear to occupy a policy role such as Eleanor Roosevelt, Roslyn Carter or Hillary Clinton did when their husbands were in the White House.

“Michelle is looking forward to leaving the White House. I honestly think she’s gonna be very happy to get her life back when this is over and recede a little bit from the public,” Axelrod said.

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