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No doubt that the minimum wage hike in la la land, under “Governor Moonbeam” (Jerry Brown), is having an adverse effect within all sectors of the food industry. Moreover the egregious taxes on businesses in California have created an economic climate that simply isn’t conducive to growth.

Jamba Juice has become the latest company to close its corporate home and move to a more business friendly environment, taking with them thousands of jobs and robust tax revenues.

The company’s new corporate home will be in Frisco, Texas, about 30 miles north of Dallas. In a statement, Chief Executive David Pace said Jamba was looking for places that had “competitive operating costs,” access to “skilled restaurant talent” and an “attractive cost of living,” along with a central location for further expansion.

The move will affect about 120 employees in Jamba's Emeryville location. After the company moves, Jamba said it expects to employ about 100 employees in Frisco, a mix of San Francisco Bay Area transplants and newly hired Texas workers.

Jamba will follow longtime Southern California burger chain Carl's Jr. and dozens of other retail and fast food chains out of the progressive wasteland, which also includes Hardee's, moving its Carpenteria headquarters next year to Franklin, Tenn.

Nearly two dozen Bay Area tech companies have made the move to Texas since 2014, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.


Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry once touted the Texas Enterprise Fund and other cash incentives, along with local property tax breaks, as important for enticing companies to move. Toyota was offered a $40-million grant when the automaker announced its move, though the company said incentives had little, if anything, to do with the decision.


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