A federal court just dealt a major blow to the Obama Administration's climate change agenda that banned the use of hydroflourocarbons (HFCs) in refrigerators and air conditioners.

The court's three justices voted 2-1 to overturn a key piece in the ban by saying the EPA does not have the authority to prohibit the use of HFCs, non-ozone depleting chemicals which were included in the EPA ban under the Clean Air Act.

"EPA’s current reading stretches the word ‘replace’ beyond its ordinary meaning,” Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Judge Janice Rogers Brown wrote for the court. “EPA’s authority to regulate ozone-depleting substances under Section 612 and other statutes does not give EPA authority to order the replacement of substances that are not ozone depleting but that contribute to climate change."

The EPA enacted the regulation in 2015, responding to research showing HFCs contribute to climate change. However, the rule was designed to protect the ozone layer by restricting the use of ozone depleting substances. HFCs have not been shown to damage ozone.

For eight years the Obama Administration pushed its climate change agenda on America, using the EPA as the regulatory weapon of choice. In one case, a Wyoming man was fined $75,000 a day for building a pond on his own land.

Author Rich Truzupek documented the abuse of regulatory power in "How The EPA's Green Tyranny is Stifling America," published in 2011.

"The relationship between environmental regulation and economic growth has gone from dysfunctional to disastrous under the leadership of Barack Obama’s EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson," the book's synopsis reads.

"While much of the public has focused on the EPA’s plans to regulate greenhouse-gas emissions, the agency’s power grab extends into far more areas of society and the economy than fossil-fuel use alone."

President Trump is slowly but surely dismantling the Obama administration's over-reaching climate change legacy that punishes ordinary Americans and free enterprise.

Maybe now the EPA will be able to focus more attention on getting its own dysfunctional act together.

Do you agree with the federal court's ruling? What do you think are the long-term implications on the economy? Share your thoughts on this subject in the comment section below.

Source: Young Conservatives

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