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Having reverence for the “presidency” and its “institutions” isn’t something that the Obama’s are noted for; in fact First Lady Michelle Obama drew fire when she spoke openly about feeling proud “for the first time in her adult life” for her country.

A far cry from previous First Ladies, and rather than embrace the historical significance in being the first African-American family to ascend to the presidency, these two have done just the opposite in rather than bringing race relationships closer.

They’ve done just the opposite and have used both the Justice Department and noted race hustlers to further divide the nation.

The death of Former First Lady Nancy Reagan further illustrates the great divide between a respected and admired presidency, and one slated to become on of the most incompetent and corrupt administration of all time.

An administration that was responsible for changing the core values and principles of this nation, and willfully putting the American people in peril.

Moreover Nancy Reagan’s was a supportive First Lady and understood the proper protocol of being First Lady, and about attending state funerals, and how important it is for a world leader to be respected and admired by both parties regardless of ideology.

Michelle Obama announced that she would be going alone, however can one even envision Nancy Reagan not speaking to her “Ronny” and reminding him of his obligation to attend, and can anyone envision him not taking that sound and loving advice?

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