One would be hard-pressed to find a more despised politician in the history of New York politics than the current Mayor Warren Wilhelm Jr., also known as Bill de Blasio.

And although New York City is a bastion of progressive orthodoxy it’s not simply his politics that makes him detested by New York’s Finest, but rather his loathsome character, and his inability to show genuine empathy for others, perhaps his upbringing had something to do with the way he views the world. De Blasio’s childhood was anything but ideal; his father was an alcoholic and abandoned the family when he was just 7-years old, years later he committed suicide, which might help explain his acute character flaws, and why he’s so disliked within the police department.

Check out the thousands of officers turning their backs on DeBlasio to make it clear they cannot stand him or his progressive anti-police policies:

However, this tale shouldn’t be about de Blasio but rather how a brave police officer lost her life in a seedy section of the Bronx on July 5th as she simply sat in her patrol car, and was ambushed by a mentally deranged individual.

NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill delivered an impassioned speech at the funeral of Officer Miosotis Familia, as tensions grew throughout the day in the Bronx, a boro that regards police officers in many impoverished neighborhoods as the enemy.

You can watch his speech here:

O'Neill paying homage to the fallen officer asked a simple yet profound question to those mourners assembled: “Where are the demonstrations for this single mom...why is there no outrage?”

That question didn’t need a response it was apparent within the troubled Bronx neighborhood as a teen defiantly blasted the rap song “F*** Tha Police,” from his third-floor apartment window on repeat.

Police were called due to the noise and responded with about 20 officers. The culprit was 16-year-old Julien Rodriguez who said it was 'satisfying' to play the song.

Julien Rodriguez

'Since they did not show respect for my brother and my friend, why should I show respect to them?' Rodriguez told the New York Post.

'This is the s–t we face every day,' a police source said.

Which brings us back to Mayor de Blasio and his long history of disrespecting that thin blue line, that buffer between lawless anarchy and a law-abiding civil society, moreover it isn’t the first time that thousands of police officers standing in formation showing their respect for their fallen comrade, silently did an “about face” turning their backs on de Blasio when he was about to speak…IT’S HAPPENED BEFORE, AND IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!

Do you think it was appropriate for police officers to turn their back(s) on Mayor de Blasio?
Do you this teen thug should be arrested for disturbing the funeral with such disrepsect?

Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Source: Daily Mail

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