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Aside from the obvious security risk attached from anyone covered completely in a burqa or any garment, there’s also something uneasy about someone hiding behind a mask, a veil, or any material used for the express purpose of concealing ones identity, especially within this era of Islamic terrorism that is sweeping across the globe.

And apparently the German government is finally getting the message from its outraged citizens, and is beginning to take the Muslim crises seriously, in that the Senior Ministers are issuing a much-needed ban on burqas, and an end to dual citizenship.

In a detailed series of new edits Thomas de Maiziere, the country’s interior minister, outlined a series of proposals that would increase security including deporting Imams and or Muslim leaders who promote extremism.

Remarkably those within Chancellor Angela Merkel’s own party are demanding even tougher measures in combating the Muslim chaos that now exists all across Europe.

Banning the wearing of burqas, and ending the dual citizenship is a step in the right direction, currently the law allows both refugees and those Muslims born in Germany to immigrant parents, the legal right to claim dual citizenship.

The declaration calls for an end to dual citizenship on the grounds that it impedes integration. Under the current law, refugees and those born in Germany to immigrant parents are allowed dual citizenship.
However de Maiziere made it clear stating; “We reject this divided loyalty,” the declaration reads. “We suggest whoever wants to get involved with the politics of foreign governments leaves Germany.”

Do you think this policy is justified in light of all the issues being faced due to Islamic extremism?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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