The ugly truth about war is that people die.

People on the right side of the battle lose their lives as do the people on the wrong side. This includes warriors and non-warriors alike.

The key to winning a war, sadly is found in death; the killing of your enemy at the sacrifice of your own. 

If you do not go into a war with that mindset, then you may as well run-up the white flag because you will find yourself mired in a no-win situation that you have created, or you will get yourself stomped.

Modern warfare requires a variety of weaponry and tactics ranging from hand-to-hand, missile, aircraft, you name it.

Recently, it has been learned that when it comes to airstrikes against ISIS fuel tankers and trucks, President Obama tends to hold-back and give the enemy more than a fair shake at escape.

We leaflet the enemy before striking. We fly in low and drop little notes that say something to the effect of, run away because we are about to bomb you. So much for the element of surprise and a sure-fire victory.

It is understandable that the concern is collateral damage, but again, war is not pretty or fair, and ISIS is not an organization that we can be worrying about collateral damage.

Here's exactly what these warnings look like.


While it is sad and devastating thing to think about, in reality the people and towns ISIS holds hostage are “dead” already.

When it comes to destroying an ISIS tanker convoy and sources of fuel, chances are the targets are not collateral by any stretch of the imagination.

They are convicts of terror who deserve to die, without warning.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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