The Iranian regime’s hostility toward the modern world is about to go ballistic. Even as President Obama attempts to cement his legacy with a deal on Iranian nuclear capabilities – a deal that all acknowledge would in fact permit the Iranians to go nuclear – we are learning that the regime has reached a new milestone in their ballistic missile capabilities. The Iranians have just proudly unveiled their new Soumar surface-to-surface missile. 

The regime’s Intercontinental Ballistic Missile program was in fact addressed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his speech before the U.S. Congress. He informed Congress, and our nation, that Iran’s ICBM program “is not part of the deal, and so far, Iran refuses to even put it on the negotiating table.”

As for the capabilities of this new missile, the Iranian Defense Minister, Brigadier General Hossein Dehghan boasted that the Souman “enjoys different characteristics in terms of range and pinpoint accuracy in comparison with the previous products.” By different, of course, he meant more advanced.  

Dehghan went on to say that a more advanced version of the Souman would be available later this month, and that the coming version would increase the aim, destructive power, and precision of the weapon. The Iranian Dputy Foreign Minster Abbas Araghchi, the nation’s nuclear negotiator, asserted that these missiles were “completely defensive.” 

Iran’s defensive actions extend all the way back to the taking of over fifty American hostages in the U.S. embassy in Tehran in the 1970s, and across their now nearly forty-year campaign of state-sponsored terrorism worldwide. They have not completed a crescent-shaped zone of Iranian dominance extending through much of Iraq and Syria to Israel’s doorstep, threatened only by ISIS, with whom Iran is now locked in a struggle to determine which of them will carry forward the mantle of Islamic fanaticism. If only they could both lose. 

Meanwhile, President Obama is poised to sign an accord that will relieve the regime of worries over sanctions and allow it, if not to race, than  certainly to jog unimpeded toward nuclear weapons and the ballistic missiles it needs to deliver them to a theater near you. 

Prime Minister Netanyahu warned us, in plain language and from a grand stage, of what is in store for us if we do not stop this regime. While Israel might be the first recipient of an Iranian nuclear weapon, it doesn’t take much thought or imagination to understand who will be second.


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